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Engineering Services & Support

Phoenix often act as an extension of our client’s Operations Team with engineering services, using our multi-discipline experience to support their business unit.

vPeer Reviews

A peer review refers to a process whereby one’s design is evaluated by an external, qualified party. Peer reviews offer a fresh set of eyes that may identify potential issues, which in early design stages could avoid costly re-design or re-construction at a later date. Peer reviews maintain standards, improve performance and heighten credibility.

The benefit of Phoenix peer reviews is that we have witnessed many real issues on finished sites, which moves us to ensure our clients do not repeat others’ mistakes.

vBuilding Services Condition Review & Report

This report is based on Phoenix’s walk through inspection of the existing building fabric (structure), plant and equipment in both the Base Building and Tenancy areas. In preparation for our report we:

  • thoroughly evaluate the
    • building fabric,
    • presentation and
    • all services (electrical, mechanical/HVAC, hydraulic, fire and control systems),
  • take photographs of problem areas
  • interview the building Operations Manager
  • review any available documentation

This report presents a well rounded overview of the condition of building services and any items recommended for repair.

vBuilding Services Dilapidation & Capital Expenditure Report

A Building Services Dilapidation & Capital Expenditure Report is an extension of the "Building Services Condition Review & Report" (please see above), however is more comprehensive regarding recommended action. Phoenix’s report includes an overview of the building fabric (structure) and general presentation, all services (electrical, mechanical/HVAC, hydraulic, fire and control systems) and a detailed list of repairs. We also add the following recommendations and projections:

  • maintenance
  • recommended replacement items
  • aligned Capital Expenditure (Capex) replacement costs
  • a suggested time schedule

vRisk Management Analysis & Resolution

A thorough Risk Analysis; reviews, analyses, lists and defines risk for all potentially affected parties on a project. These may include Client, Consultants, Head Contractor, Sub-Contractors, Tenants, Property and Facility Managers. "Risk" is the gap or exposure between each of these parties expectations.

Phoenix assist to minimise risk by; identifying any gap that exists between parties, allocating the potential risk against that gap, then working with the team to recover or close the gap.

This is normally carried out by:

  • Review all current documentation and contract details
  • Identify Gap (Risk Analysis), Cost of Risk (eg KPI requirements and financial risk including penalties)
  • Develop strategies to reduce and negate risk or exposure
  • Provide Review and Action list for implementation
  • If invited to do so, Phoenix will manage and assess implementation through to resolution

vBuilding Air Leakage Test

Phoenix’s Building Air Leakage Test (sometimes referred to as a Building Envelope Leakage Test or BELT) can be applied to most existing or new buildings. The building envelope (outer structure or fabric) contains cracks, gaps and holes through which air can escape. As these ‘leaks’ are usually undetectable to the eye, Phoenix have developed special testing to meet CIBSE, BSRIA and ATTMA Technical Standards.

Once areas for improvement are identified, addressing these areas can lead to better temperature control together with energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions (carbon footprint) being significantly reduced.


Phoenix provides a range of building services plant investigation and troubleshooting services for buildings in operation and pre-handover. These can consist of simple performance checks completed in a day or in-depth investigations into problems and plant failure to help make your building:

  • more comfortable
  • use less energy
  • more resilient to engineering risk

Our experience of investigating building problems means we can prioritise checks to investigate the most likely causes first. This will help to pinpoint the problem quickly and offer remedial action to resolve it.

As an independent company, clients can be assured that any recommendations are unbiased and will be the most appropriate and cost effective solution to their problem.

Phoenix uses specialist engineers to identify and resolve problems, such as:

  • thermal comfort
  • humidity and ventilation
  • indoor are quality
  • light and noise levels
  • power quality and electromagnetic fields

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