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Services During Construction

Our services during construction are designed to give clients confidence in their projects' design, installation and functionality across each discipline (electrical, mechanical/HVAC, hydraulic, fire and control systems) as well as the integration or working together of those services.

vBuilding Services Engineering Management (Project Management and Support)

Building Services Engineering addresses the internal environmental and environmental impact of a building, and the management of such seeks to ensure responsible design, installation, operation and monitoring of building services. This service is most often provided for clients without in-house Building Service Engineers, where projects require technical advice and/or building services site management.

vIndependent Third Party Inspections

Third Party Inspections involve the observation of work and the performance of tests to establish the conformance of certain elements and services with standard codes. Phoenix provide unbiased Site Inspections, Progress and Quality Reports together with Witness Tests of components and systems.

vEquipment and Systems Engineering Review

We have developed Phoenix Engineering Checks (PEC's); a process to evaluate equipment and systems on new projects, existing equipment or prior to ordering replacement equipment. Results are always formalised in our report, compared with effective performance, the code, any specifications, relevant industry standards and energy consumption.

vIntegrated System Tests

Fully integrated system tests ensure that all components of each building service operate as designed when required, allowing for any timing, function or other operational anomalies to be detected for correction. These tests require a building to be put into fire mode, power outage mode, gas outage mode or water outage mode, with all daily services operating as normal. The building functions are then compared to the relevant cause and effect matrix.

Phoenix manage all contractors and other relevant parties during the running of these tests. We then provide a report of findings. The fire test can also be conducted whilst a power failure is simulated, to ensure all standby services operate as required and directed.

vOperations & Maintenance Manuals

Phoenix provide a multi-discipline compilation or review of Operations & Maintenance Manuals. Compilation involves outlining the documents each contractor is required to supply, checking the validity of these and consolidating into one document. Whether a compilation or review of an existing manual, Phoenix thoroughly check the latest systems and equipment information is included for each building service relevant to specifications, industry standards and design intent such as: as-built drawings, metering, equipment schedules, supplier/contractor information, testing procedures/certificates, warranties, commissioning and witness test procedures.

vCommissioning Manuals

A good Independent Commissioning Agent requires the preparation of a Commissioning Manual by each contractor, even for very small projects. Phoenix provide multi discipline reviews of commissioning manuals prepared by other parties. When compiling new commissioning manuals however, Phoenix provide site-specific procedures to assist contractors with their contribution to the commissioning manual.

vAs Built Survey

Generating and maintaining drawings to reflect the current as-built status of a building's services is vital to contractors, architects, engineers and owners. Lack of accurate drawing records can result in excessive project costs and unnecessary delays. Phoenix takes a building's existing drawings, then updates them to its current actual specifications. We undertake these surveys in either occupied or vacant buildings.

vStaff Training Facilitation

Training is essential for Operations and Maintenance staff to understand the capacity, interaction and best maintenance practices of their building services. The management of basic staff training is included in Green Star commissioning, however we can also co-ordinate and assist each contractors' preparation of staff training manuals, presentations and documentation, including learning outcomes and additional support. Thorough training will ensure a proactive team who safeguard the operation and functional lifespan of equipment which prevents major system failures and unnecessary reactive costs.

To ensure it is not overlooked, Phoenix recommend working toward solid training outcomes from the outset of any project.

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